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Consultative Documents

We urge the government to:

Truly take the lead in supplying land.

Set up sufficient land reserves.

Ensure that the supply of land is sufficient to meet the goals of the “Long Term Housing Strategy” (LTHS) and improve Hong Kong’s livability rating.

Sustainably expand land to meet the needs of societal and economic development. 

Ensure that all residents of Hong Kong have access to basic housing rights.

Aim to have as many permanent HKSAR residents as possible own their own homes

Increase the average living space for each person.

Land & Housing

Proposals from society

Increase the land supply

Comprehensively take back 172 hectares from the Fanling Golf Course. 

Develop the “Village Type Development” Zone.

Research the Macau model and ask for help from the Central Government to rent reclaimed land to Hong Kong from Zhuhai.

Set up $200 billion as a “land supply fund” to buy back agricultura land or expand the land supply.