Ever since the start of the anti-extradition bill protests last year, Hong Kong's law and order have come under constant attack by large-scale, organised acts of violence. It is a result of radical political forces seeking to destroy Hong Kong through nihilistic "mutual destruction". Moreover, before the political storm could die down, the COVID-19 outbreak hit us like a tsunami. That dealt a massive blow to the livelihoods of numerous businesses and members of the public while plunging the economy into a deep freeze.
As it stands, the top priority for Hong Kong now is to come together and beat the COVID-19 pandemic. However, after this passes, many questions remain on how best to revitalise the economy, rebuild our society and stop political extremists from continuing to destroy Hong Kong. The city-wide unrest and conflict serve as a warning that the road ahead is full of hardship and challenges. 


We must ponder upon how to ensure that "One Country, Two Systems" remains stable in the long-term. 


What are the most effective ways to solve society's deep-rooted conflicts in the fields of politics, livelihood, and the economy? Should Hong Kong's current governing and economic development blueprints be changed? If so, how?
The DAB believes that the future wellbeing of Hong Kong and its people is irrevocably tied to "One Country, Two Systems". We must act strictly in accordance with the Constitution, the Basic Law and implement One Country, Two Systems precisely. That includes correcting any misunderstandings and deviations during its implementation, as well as stopping any acts that would damage One Country, Two Systems and with it our social and legal stability. At the same time, the HKSAR government must change its guiding principles by putting the people first. They should find practical ways to solve the most pressing problems in our society and continue to develop the economy in a just and fair manner by eliminating the malpractice of traditional capitalism, thus allowing everyone to share in the fruits of economic prosperity. 


Therefore, the DAB would like to invite all HKSAR residents to participate in our public consultation  series titled: "Rebuild Our Home. Say NO to Mutual Destruction". We will publish on this website a series of consultative documents to solicit public views on political, economic and social issues that people are most concerned about, as well as policy proposals to deal with those issues. Throughout this process, we hope to garner constructive forces to help rebuild Hong Kong. We welcome all to submit their written views and advice before Jun 30. Comments may be left on this website, sent to any DAB local branch office or emailed to us at research@dab.org.hk.

Starry LEE
Chairperson, DAB



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