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Consultative Documents

Economic Development

Conducive to the economy’s continued development?

Able to promote fairness and justice in society to allow more people to share in the fruits of prosperity?

The time-tested free-market model of “Big Market, Small Government”

The best way forward for today’s Hong Kong?

We urge the government to:

Strengthen its leading role in economic development

Ensure Hong Kong’s continuous development by coordinating with our nation’s economic development strategy.

Actively promote the development of industrial diversification to create new opportunities for economic growth and employment.

Make good use of fiscal policy to ensure a fair distribution of wealth in society.

Proposals from society 

The Government's Role in Promoting Economic Development

Review the government's economic principle of "Big Market, Small Government."

Utilise public fiscal measures to promote economic development, and create a society that allows all to share in the fruits of development through tax measures.


Enhance Technological Innovation Capabilities

Promote the full digitisation of public services.