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Wise men from Ancient China devised a number of strategies for governing the country, the core of which is the people-oriented thinking - the people are the foundation of a country, and only when the people lead a good life, can the country thrive.  Those who govern must attach importance to the people, so that they can live and work in peace and contentment.  As President Xi Jinping said, "The key to governing is to give the people peace and security, and the way is to understand their plight".  Every politician has to establish the vision of “people-oriented” governance.


Since its establishment, the HKSAR has experienced political turmoil and upheavals large and small as well as and social unrest.  After the implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, it is a test of the wisdom of every Hong Kong citizen in how best to move from great chaos to great governance.  The world changes so does Hong Kong.  Apart from ambition and enthusiasm, those who govern need to have a thorough knowledge of the changes from ancient times to the present, to think about how Hong Kong can cope with the changes in the future, and to find the direction and opportunities for Hong Kong's development.

The calls for nurturing of more political talents are not ever interrupted over time.  We need to find more people with aspiration, the vision of people-oriented and the ability to understand the changes from ancient times to the present to cope with the uncertainties situation and bring security and peace to our country and people.  Nurturing more talents is the prerequisite for the good governance of a country.  The most important way to nurture talents is to "encourage learning".  The DAB needs to open up virtuous paths for the society, open up channels for people with noble ideals, and provide a learning platform for society to show their aspirations.


The future of Hong Kong lies on the overall development of our Nation, our planning for long-term development and the good use of our strengths to promote our Nation’s rejuvenation.  On this basis, the DAB designs this course as a channel and learning platform for people with aspirations to develop their potentials.  We bring together experienced scholars, experts and officials from the Mainland and Hong Kong to provide participants with a grander and broader perspective to explore, study and consider the direction of governance in Hong Kong.






Course Content

This course consists of 23 sessions in which 20 are thematic lectures and 3 are study tours with one session per week.  Lecturers includes senior officials, renowned academics and experts from the Mainland and Hong Kong.

1 A Century of Great Change  

Prof. Gao Zu Gui


2 Patriots Governing Hong Kong 

Mr. Leung Chun Ying

3 Hong Kong, China – Political and Cultural Identity 

Prof. Qiang Shi Gong

4 The Future Political Reform in Hong Kong

Mr. Shiu Sin Por

5 The Spirit of the 19th National Congress and the 14th Five-Year Plan 

Mr. Yang Yu

6 The Alliance of Governors in the Post-National Security Era 

Prof. Lau Siu Kai

7 Making Patriotism a Belief

Prof. Jin Yi Nan

8 Reform and Innovation in Shenzhen

Prof. Yuan Xiao Jiang 

9 Farewell to the Western Tides

Prof. Wong Chack-kie

10 Integration into the Economic Dual Circulation

Prof. Francis T LUI

11 The Future of Hong Kong

Prof. Wang Zhen Min

12 Political Reconstruction in a Changing Landscape

Prof. Cheung Bing Leung Anthony

13 Singapore's Experience on Social Governance

Prof. Lu Yuan Li

14 The Evolution and Future of One Country, Two Systems

Ms. Maria Tam Wai Chu

15 The Case of Hong Kong: Unrestricted Warfare

Prof. Wang Xiang Sui

16 The Development of New Media and Study of Public Opinion in 2021

Prof. Shen Yang

17 The Case of Hong Kong: Governance in Anti-epidemic

Mr. Lo Wing Hung

18 Winning Hearts and Minds is the Key to Soft Power

Dr. Chan Man Hung

19 The Practice and Reform in Political Accountability

Mr. Raymond Tam Chi Yuen

20 The Future of Politicians?

Mr. Jasper Tsang Yok Sing

( * Sessions 7 and 8 will be held in Shenzhen)

Notes on Enrolment



Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must be truly patriotic, love China, love Hong Kong, and aspire to serve the community.

  • Applicants must hold a locally recognised degree or above

  • Applicants must have at least three years of working experience




Selection Process

Members of Selection Committee

Class Schedule

  • Eligible applicants will be invited to attend an interview after preliminary vetting by the Selection Committee.

  • Successful candidates will be notified by phone in early May.






  • TAM Yiu-chung, DAB Party Affairs Advisor

  • CHAN Hak-kan, Gary, DAB Vice-Chairman 

  • WONG Shun-yee, Albert, DAB Secretary General

  • HUNG Kam-in, Kin, DAB Deputy Secretary General

  • TING Kong-ho, Eddie, Vice Chairman of the DAB Training Committee  

  • Starts on 5 June 2021

  • Every Saturday 10:00am - 12:30pm

  • Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy
    (800 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon )

*All class arrangements are subject to the prevailing pandemic situation and may be changed to a video class if necessary.

Upon completion of the course, students are required to submit an exit essay of approximately 3,000 words in one of the following topics within a specified period:

1) Planning the Future of Hong Kong

2) The rise and fall of the past and the present, and the way to long-term peace and stability

3) If I were the Chief Executive





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