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展 品 簡 介
Introduction of Exhibits  


Map of Paris in 1380

c. 1380 A.D.

c. 1380 A.D.

BONJOUR PARIS! 巴黎早晨,您好! 這是一張由皇帝下令繪製的巴黎城市大地圖,城市的描繪出奇地細緻而精準,未有名稱但寫實。巴黎大河相信是塞納河,就把巴黎切開兩半,成為兩股發展的力量。

Good morning, Paris!

This is a map of the city of Paris commissioned by the King, remarkably detailed and accurate, though unnamed but realistic. The Seine River, believed to be the dividing line, cuts Paris in half, fostering development on both sides.

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