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展 品 簡 介
Introduction of Exhibits  

(陸倩編製 上海廣藝書局出版)

New Map of the Capital
(Compiled by Lu Qian; published by Shanghai Guangyi Publishing House)

c.1950 -c.1955 A.D.

c.1950 -c.1955 A.D.


This is the first urban development map of Beijing after the founding of People’s Republic of China. The inner city of Beijing is divided into four districts: West Fourth District, East Fourth District, Xidan District, and Dongdan District. The outer city is divided into three districts: Qianmen District (central), Xuanwu District (west), and Chongwen District (east). The map focuses on resource distribution, including a distribution map of the western resource mining area, a construction area map and nearby areas, and a traffic schematic diagram of the vicinity of Beijing.

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