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展 品 簡 介
Introduction of Exhibits  


Detailed Map of Beijing's Inner and Outer Cities
(By Wang Hualong during the Republic of China)

c. 1924 -1925 A.D.

c. 1924 -1925 A.D.

民國時期出版大型北京旅遊地圖,主要描繪北京內城及外城詳細分區佈局。核心區域為舊皇城、舊紫禁城、內六區、外國使管區(即內城);外城包括天壇和先農壇(共五區)。 其中突出介紹3個重點旅遊區: 頤和圓形勢圖、頤和園名勝圖 四郊名勝詳圖 北海名勝圖 最後突顯十大遊覽指南,由著名民國時期製圖師王華隆編製。北京藝術博物館亦現藏王華隆編制最新北平全圖。

This large tourist map of Beijing published during the Republic of China depicts the detailed layout of Beijing's inner and outer cities. The core area includes the old Imperial City, the old Forbidden City, the Inner Six Districts, and the Foreign Legation Quarter (i.e., the Inner City). The Outer City includes the Temple of Heaven and the Altar of Agriculture (a total of five districts).

It highlights three key tourist areas:
Plan of Summer Palace, Scenic Map of the Summer Palace
Detailed Map of Four Suburban Scenic Spots
Scenic Map of Beihai

Finally, it highlights ten major tour guides, compiled by the famous mapmaker of the Republic of China, Wang Hualong. The Beijing Art Museum also holds the latest map of Beiping (the current Beijing) compiled by Wang Hualong.

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