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展 品 簡 介
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Map of China's Coastline in the Early Qing Dynasty

清順治年間 c. 1654 A.D.

清順治年間 c. 1654 A.D.

此為非常罕有清代早期之中國沿海大地圖。地圖由中國之特種部門繪製,有中國沿海之城市防衛圖。最特色之部分是官方首次劃出世界東半球之形勢全貌圖,相信是從西方地圖引進,打破了中國天下之概念,正式接受天外有天、國外有國之觀念。 全圖由中國北部東三省沿岸把所有的沿海重大城鎮羅列至中國東南沿岸,包括海南省各大港口城市。 香港(紅香爐)及澳門兩大東方口岸大港亦以藝術手法精繪無遺。對外首先開放的通商口岸包括泉州和廣州(市舶司所在地)及法國傳教士進出之重大口岸城市寧波亦清晰可尋。

This is a very rare map of China's coastline from the early Qing Dynasty. It was drawn by a special department in China, featuring the defense of coastal cities. The most eye-catching part is the first official depiction of the entire situation of the eastern hemisphere of the world. It is believed that this design is inspired by the Western maps. As a result, the concept of “Only China under Heaven” replaced by the understanding that “there is always a country stronger.”
The map lists all the major coastal cities, ranging from the coast of the three eastern provinces in northern China to the southeast coast, including all major port cities in Hainan Province.
Even Hong Kong (Hung-heong-loo) and Macao, two major eastern ports, are meticulously depicted with artistic techniques. The first ports available for foreign trade, including Quanzhou and Guangzhou (the location of the Maritime Trade Bureau) and Ningbo, a significant port city for the entry and exit of French missionaries, can be clearly identified.

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