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展 品 簡 介
Introduction of Exhibits  


Map Showing the Lower Course of the Yellow River



清代極少有手繪彩色黃河(中國母親河)地圖,乃輿地專師實況搜集珍貴資料,測繪數據製作,最後由宮廷畫師進行精心藝術加工,經多年精密繪製而成,是中國古代地圖中極少有之巨作。地圖先彩繪於有方格比例之紙上,四邊皆錶有黃絹,顯示呈送給皇帝專門閱覽之用。 全圖作工規矩,精細有序,村鎮市集、路橋寺樓、溪河泉溝,皆規範標示。全圖涵蓋地域遼闊,橫跨兩省。西起直隸(今河北)之東明,沿黃河兩岸,蜿蜒而下,直奔山東渤海之濱。地圖特別突顯黃河之護堤,促貫通黃河水利之暢流,地貌及其險要防護之基因。由於皇帝特准,取其精要,示其天工宇宙造物之奇特,保衛中華民族大地之華秀,乃一件絕對不可多得之稀世奇珍!

Produced during the Mid-Qing Dynasty, this map is an absolute rarity not only because of its tremendous length, but also due to the painstaking efforts of the cartographers who spent years in surveying and the court painters who rendered it in the most artistic form. The painting is done on gridded paper mounted onto yellow silk to be presented to the Qing emperor. The map presents the lower course of the vast Yellow River from Dongming in Hebei in the west to where it joins the sea off the shore of Shandong Province. Standard signs are used to illustrate the cities, towns, villages, markets, roads, bridges, temples, rivers, brooks and spring waters. The highlighted dykes along the river course provide useful information for the study of the hydrological and geographical history of the region.

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